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We miss you, Dogbomb!



For years, Furry fans throughout North Carolina have helped in the effort to defeat ALS. Many were inspired by the indomitable spirit and courage of Tony "Dogbomb" Barrett, who faced the disease with defiance to the very end. Just like we did last year, we are hoping to bring our support to the next level. Spearheaded by the furry groups throughout the state, we have banded together not only to support this year's walk in Raleigh, but to sponsor it as a united community.  The aim is not only to demonstrate the caring and generosity that are the hallmarks of Furry Fandom, but most importantly to raise more money than ever for ALS research, and perhaps even inspire some other corporate sponsors to step up their game.

You can help us to achieve those aims by clicking the "Donate now" link above.  You can also donate to individual team members if you wish, just remember that every donation to any one of us is a step closer to our sponsorship goal.  There's going to be a strong Furry presence at the walk no matter what, but with your help, here is what we can accomplish:

·       At $2500, we get our furry logo featured on the t-shirt, promotional banners, brochures, and the event landing page, a shoutout on social media and live during the event, and a booth where we can tell people about our Fandom and share the story of Dogbomb with them.

·       At $5000, our logo gets printed larger on the Walk Day T-shirt, we'll be recognized at the Finish Line, and have a shout out on Social Media.

·       At $7500, our logo gets printed larger still and we'll be able to introduce the Walk Countdown Team, plus we get a Furry spot in the chapter newsletter. This is as far as we reached last year, but this year we are shooting for the top....

·       At $10,000, we get an opportunity to say a few words during the Walk's opening ceremonies and to hand out awards at closing, our logo shows up boldly at the top of the page, and best of all, we get a chance to say to the other big corporate sponsors, "Is that all you've got?"

Whether you can donate or not, perhaps you could join us at the Walk on April 20, 2024. Just click the "Join Our Team" link to join Team Dogbomb at the Walk!

Of course, you do not need to be a Furry to support our sponsorship fund.  You just need to be a person who cares and wants to help us realize the dream of never having to say goodbye to another friend this way again.

* * *

Photo at the ALS walk - NC Chapter by Taga (4/20/2019)

You can read more about Tony in his own words by clicking here:  

Tony's close friends, and furrys from all over the places, supported him at ALS walk - Irvine Chapter November 2018. Our team want to support our local community with the same level of energy, carrying on the spirit to fight the good fight, and spreading awareness of the urgency to find treatments and a cure. Seamus and Tagatooth shoot and edited the walk moments from Triangle walk 2019 - NC Chapter for this video as well, please check it out!!!!


Another video put together by TripCollie, taken at the ALS walk - Orange county chapter in Irvine


Together, we will honor Tony, and help find the cure sooner!

Thank you! ~

                     "ALS CAN KISS MY FUZZY ASS"


                                                                   - Tony "Dogbomb" Barrett

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